Focused on developing new digital strategies in times of crisis

We are a full-service marketing and advertising agency offering consulting and in house productions services, bringing clarity to a myriad of business problems. Through creativity and design thinking, we provide the tools required for businesses to unlock insights, expand and create meaningful connections during difficult times. We believe that Ideas + Creative + Microtargeting are the key ingredients for growth.

We focus on social media digital strategies for Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Youtube and google advertising campaigns. If you want to generate leads for your business, awareness for your brand, or sales for your e-commerce store, we can help.

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In a post COVID-19  world in which digital marketing and advertising of products and services have become essential to every interaction, a world in which businesses must be agile at meeting seemingly daily changes in customer’s behavior, forcing both businesses and clients further up the adoption curve almost overnight.  A new world in which social media and digital channels become the primary customer-engagement model, and automated processes become a primary driver of productivity—and the basis of flexible, transparent, and stable supply chains.

Transform your business with our digital transformation Marketing advertising and branding strategies, developed to align organizational marketing processes with current technology capabilities.

We believe in design thinking, which involves using systemic reasoning and intuition to address complex problems and explore ideal future states, and user’s interface is crucial when designing centric approach focuses first and foremost on end users or customers.

We help Businesses with Innovation and technology during difficult times by develop Digital Strategies that are relevant in times of crisis.

Our paid social media advertising services help increase brand awareness and acquisitions by micro-targeting consumers where they are online most often with proven campaign management strategies. It’s not about the amount of followers, and all about engagement.

we have all the tools and know how to boost your social media status by effectively managing and updating all your social media channels to ensure your brand continues to stay relevant in the eyes of your audience.  Let us help you find new ways to engage online and on social media by building a strategy that works with you and your brand’s vision.

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We Design consumer engaging Websites capable of increasing conversions, retention and brand awareness. Online shopping is becoming a new norm and customer interfaces and relationship management is incredibly valuable, and online shopping portals rely tremendously on cybersecurity and customer service help. It is crucial for businesses to understand the factors that are responsible for this rising growth in demand for goods and services online, and we can help them determine that relationship.

If you have products to sell this is a good time to upgrade your online store. With a full and better inventory, marketing strategies, and pricing features you might be able to replace lost revenue by improving your ecommerce performance.

We can help you stay at the forefront of google search engine optimization (SEO) trends by monitoring your Google search console and keyword rankings.

[FS] works closely with influencers from a wide range of industries to ensure that your brand is the “Must Have” But not every brand campaign is the right fit for any influencer, so we make sure that we strategically place your product into the right hands.  We are actively engaged with influencers and bloggers to generate revenue & brand awareness through the authoritative placement of content and get our clients tremendous amounts of online exposure.

We work closely with influencers from a range of industries to ensure that your brand is the talk of the town. Not every brand campaign will be the right fit for influencer, so we make sure that we seed your product into the right hands. We are actively engaged with influencers and bloggers to generate revenue & brand awareness through the authoritative placement of content and get our clients tremendous amounts of online exposure.

Using a social media influencer is an excellent way to get the word out there about your products and services. And with social media platforms having such a wide reach, it’s a great way to ensure that your brand gets noticed.

[FS] Marketing & Advertising is a full-service production power house with a passion for graphics, UX, Web Design, Graphic Design, Video, Music and sound production. All of our designers and engineers work in house to create unique experiences that are relevant to the brands we represent.  We know consumers but more importantly we care about our clients and their vision.

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Media buying involves placing your advertisement appropriately and in the right channel, whether it’s print, broadcast, TV, radio or digital, we can help you place your advertisement with your target audience.

At [FS] we define goals, establish performance metrics, crystallize your target segment, and execute the strongest integrated media mix campaigns to drive customers to you.  As an extension of your team, scaling with your business as needed, we equip you with the knowledge and the data to tell compelling and convincing narratives for business growth.

We are passionate about working with both small to mid-sized businesses and not-for-profit organizations.


Dear Business Owner

We are a full service Marketing and Advertising agency, specializing in increasing business’ exposure online, generating leads and developing eCommerce for any kind of retail and services.

Aware of the hardships that COVID-19 has had on most of our lives, we want to help you evolve with the current times and guide you towards expanding your visibility and trade activity.  Let us help you make a successful Digital transition, and draw a new social media and digital strategy that is customized to your business. 

Our team offers years of experience in website and search engine optimization, branding and design (video, graphic, web, music and sound) to bring you up to date with the requirements of this new era. We believe that Ideas + Creative + Microtargeting are the key ingredients for growth. By focusing on social media digital strategies for advertising campaigns, you will strive like never before. 

There is a page to be turned and we can guide you through the process.